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MEN ONLY - Volume 43 #4 - April 1978 - Sci-Fi, Sorcery & Sex Issue Featuring Arthur C. Clarke Interview (Ebay Item)

This is an interesting late 1970s magazine with some sexy and other-worldly things to look at and read.

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Vol 43, #4
April 1978
(UK Men's Magazine)

Publisher: Paul Raymond Publications Ltd, London, UK

Now available for auction on Ebay (ends October 31, 2008)

The Other World Special
Hi-Fi, Sci Fi, Swords and Sorcery plus Ladies who are Out of This World

Content Highlights (Extensive image gallery of selected page scans)

* Arthur C. Clarke Interview (By David S. Garnett)
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* Sci-Fi Art (First Word: Design) - Focus on Christopher Foss
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* Sci-Fi & Fantasy Fiction:

- "The Jerk" By Michael Walsh, Illustration by Michael Kanarek

- "XES and the Honest Folks" By Phillip S. Jennings, Illustration by Chris Achilleos

- "Raped by Aliens" By John Marks, Illustration by Chris Foss

* "Swordsmen & Slavegirls" (Sword & Sorcery fiction article, by Hugo A. Ward, Illustration by Dave Roe)

* "Long-Standing Phalluses" (Examining the visual pun, by Paul Hammond & Patrick Hughes)
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VG+ condition (slight wear)


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